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The very first system of it’s kind. A system to revolutionize the economy as we know it.

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FORUS is an ecosystem of businesses built for a single purpose! To promote financial inclusion for all humankind.
For the past 7 years we have been travelling the globe with this vision in mind.
Our revolutionary technology allows you to not only bank for free but trade ANYWHERE for free.
It is now possible for anyone from any community to become financially independent and have access to capital and access to opportunities that were previously only for the few. From global enterprises to the corner cafe. We all deserve equal opportunities.

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What Makes FORUS Different

FORUS is an ecosystem of businesses built and designed to promote radical economic change.
These businesses work together to support the ecosystem and generate revenue which in turn creates access to capital for everyone and a fully inclusive economy. For the banked and un-banked.


Cloud Funder invests in startups, small businesses, social-purpose managed funds and co-operative lending programs for the true foundation of a global economy.


FORUS Connect brings the entire ecosystem of products into a single, fully functional dashboard sign-up here.

Mahala coin

Get rewarded with Mahala Coin when you sign-up. The more people you invite to the platform the more Mahala Coin you earn - The more people on the platform, the more the Coin is worth.

the forus wallet

Your wallet lives in the FORUS Connect dashboard. You can use this to transfer money (locally and cross border), pay for goods and services and earn and distribute your coins.


A Global Digital Currency and Token Exchange. These tokens are 100% backed by fiat deposits. It is also a fiat currency exchange.

FORUS smart™ card

The smart card allows you to take your wallet everywhere. Free offline banking and transacting is now possible.

Mahala Media

Mahala Media is an on-line tool for content curation, distribution and monetisation that empowers and enables content producers via innovative content management and advertising technologies.

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Everyone needs access to capital. - - Medium

Solving the pressing problem of poverty and financial exclusion is possible. The business models, cost profiles and shareholder expectations of South Africa's financial institutions do not make provision for a mutual gains approach. Everyone needs access to capital to create value. This cannot happen while the micro lending industry and banks continue to exploit their customers.

True Financial Inclusion - - Medium

Despite the launch of dozens of mobile payment platforms, e-wallets technology platforms, the realization of true financial inclusion for the poorest and most neglected communities in South Africa and beyond remains un-achieved. However, that is about to change with the imminent global activation of the FORUS Global Digital Exchange.

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